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Discover the Best Roof Shingle Colors for Your Florida Home: A Homeowner's Guide

Updated: Mar 5

Aerial view of new roof Port Orange, FL

Getting a new roof installed is about more than protection. A roof can affect the resale value of your east coast Florida property. We have all seen a home that has a new roof and wondered, "What were they thinking?".

Tour your neighborhood

Having a new roof that is attractive, as well as protective, is an investment that will pay off for many years. Picking the right color is a bonus to the water-resistant protection that asphalt shingles bring to your home. The easiest way to begin is in your own neighborhood. You've likely noticed new roofing materials being installed close to home. There may be some colors that you like and think would be good for your own house. Take some photos to show your roofing company.

The most important thing to remember is that lighter shingle colors will keep your house cooler by reflecting heat. By the way, this applies to metal roofing too. That doesn't mean you can't choose a black roof if that's what you prefer. Modern shingles come with UV protection no matter the color, but dark colors tend to absorb heat and may not be as energy-efficient.

Get Roof Shingle color samples

Get samples from your local roofing contractor and hold them up against your house in different lighting. A sunny day versus shade or clouds can make a big difference in how the color looks. Architectural shingles may offer a variety of shades and colors to make your roof stand out from the crowd. Depending on the roofing material manufacturer, you may be able to use a virtual tool to see the roof on a photo of your house. This goes for metal roofing too.

You may have to obtain approval from your Homeowner's Association regarding roof shingle color. This is common in Florida in almost every county. Maybe you are getting a new roof in Port Orange. If you can point to a neighborhood house that already has the color you love, it will make the process easier. You may love a green or blue roof, but your HOA may not!

Popular Roofing Shingle colors

Choosing a complementary color can work on your home, but monochromatic colors, such as shades of grey are very popular in Florida. Consider the size of your house as well. If you have a smaller home, a dark roof may make it look even smaller. Just like painting a room, lighter colors make things look bigger.

Popular Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles colors for our recent clients include (see our Facebook Page):

  • CertainTeed Cobblestone Grey roof shingles in Port Orange

  • CertainTeed Silver Birch in Holly Hill

  • CertainTeed Heather Blend in Daytona Beach

  • CertainTeed Moiré black in Daytona Beach Shores

Look at the house trim color

If your house has a different color of trim from the main house, consider matching the roof shingle color to that. It ties everything together and pleases the eye. Ultimately, you will know when you see a roofing color you love.

So get permission if you need it, and contact Joe at Triangle Roofing for a free quote today! We are located in Ormond Beach and serve Volusia, Flagler, and St. Johns counties.

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