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Tips To Make A Roof Last Longer in Florida

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Triangle Roofing Ormond Beach

Sun, wind, and salty air. In the harsh Florida climate, especially near the coast, the roof of your home can deteriorate over time. How do you make your roof last longer? Your best bet to keep your roof aging well is to have it inspected. Even if you don't suspect a problem!

As a homeowner, you see your roof every day but are you paying attention? In coastal cities like Port Orange, Edgewater, and Flagler Beach, your roofing materials get pounded by rain and wind often. You need to take a look at it after a storm especially if you want to avoid the cost of a new roof. Although roof replacement will be necessary sooner or later, the secret to prolonging the life of your roof shingles is maintenance.

Volusia County homes get a lot of sunshine. Hot sun is hard on roof shingles. If you start seeing areas with decay on your roof, it's time to call a local roofing contractor. This doesn't necessarily mean you need a roof replacement, but it could mean a roof repair is in order. Regular shingle maintenance can extend the life of a roof and can prevent roof leaks before they damage the inside of your home. Nobody wants to face drywall, flooring, or furniture damage from a leaky roof.

You might think washing your shingles will help them last longer. This is not true. In fact spraying water may loosen the granules from the shingles. The resulting damage might not be covered by the roof manufacturer's warranty. Don't get up on top of the roof yourself! The only maintenance you might consider is keeping the gutters clean. Water needs to leave your roof to prevent leaks.

Although Florida allows re-roofing over another layer of asphalt shingles, this may cause your new shingles to deteriorate faster. You might think two layers of shingles will protect your roof, but it doesn't make it more waterproof. Without tearing off the old roof, even the best roofing contractor can't assess any damaged wood or leaks. Adding weight to your roof structure may not be a good idea either. Eventually, the house will need a complete re-roofing. That's why it's best to have an assessment done by a professional roofing company that's been in business for years.

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