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New Port Orange Roof Helps Protect Home

This home in Port Orange just installed a new roof by Triangle Roofing, Inc. (see photo below). It is now protected from the blazing sun, heavy rain, and strong winds that can happen in Central Florida and our coast. That's why choosing the right roofing material is so important. Triangle Roofing, Inc. often recommends CertainTeed Landmark shingles to our customers. CertainTeed is a well-known manufacturer of building materials, and their Landmark line of shingles is trusted in the roofing industry. They come in many colors and styles, so you can find something that fits the look of your home perfectly.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Florida's weather can be pretty harsh with hurricanes, tropical storms, and hail. CertainTeed Landmark shingles are built to handle impacts from falling branches and other flying debris, meeting or exceeding tough industry standards for strength. One of the best features of these shingles is their wind resistance. They are rated to withstand winds up to 110 mph, with an option to upgrade to a higher wind warranty. Proper installation and nailing by an experienced roofer, like Triangle Roofing, ensures your roof stays intact during severe weather.

With Florida's high humidity and frequent rain, moisture problems and algae growth are real concerns. CertainTeed Landmark shingles come with StreakFighter® technology, which helps prevent the black streaks caused by algae.

Colors and Style

Homeowners can choose a look that complements your home’s architecture. Grays like Weathered Wood are very popular. Another great choice our customers love is Resawn Shake which looks like wood shingles. The design adds depth and texture to your roof. This can increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Warranty Options

The low maintenance of asphalt shingles makes them cost-effective in the long run. A longer lifespan means you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs. The standard warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, and you can also opt for extended coverage that includes protection against wind and algae damage. Triangle Roofing, Inc. offers a workmanship warranty too.

Professional Installation

To maximize the benefits of CertainTeed Landmark shingles, it’s important to have them installed by a professional roofing company. Proper installation is crucial for ensuring the shingles perform as expected, especially in a climate like Florida's. Triangle Roofing has the reputation and experience required to install your new roof. Check out our Google reviews!

Low Maintenance

Regular inspections and minor upkeep, such as cleaning gutters and removing debris, can keep your roof in excellent condition. Research shows that these shingles stand up to high winds and heavy rain, making them a great choice for any homeowner or commercial business.

If you’re considering a roof replacement or new roof installation, consulting with a professional roofing contractor like Triangle Roofing, Inc. is the way to go. We know CertainTeed products since we use them almost every day! We can help you make the best decision for your roofing project. Be confident you’re investing in a roof that will withstand Florida’s harsh weather conditions and make your home look beautiful. Contact Joe today:

(386) 673-6600

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