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Connecting a Flat Roof to a Shingled Roof in Ormond Beach

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Start to finish photos: Certainteed Driftwood shingles and flat roofing.

You may be among the group of residential owners that have a home with a sloped roof and a flat roof. If you need a new roofing system, it can get complicated. Shingles will not work on a flat roof. How should a flat roof and shingle roof be attached?

Why Shingles Don't Work on a Flat Roof

Drainage is one of the most important issues to address with any roof. A shingle to flat roof transition must be smooth to prevent water ponding. Flat roofing should not go on top of shingles. Shingles, like scales on a fish, are layered to deal move water off your roof quickly. If water collects under any shingles, then roof leaks and soft areas can occur. Any standing water can cause roof damage over time.

This is why shingles won't work on a flat or low-sloped roof. Triangle Roofing professionals know how to address and connect these two roofing materials to make your home waterproof and beautiful.

Flat Roof and Shingled Roof Can Work Together

You can see in the photograph the flat roofing membrane that connects the flat roof to the shingle roofing extends up into the pitched roof. This connects the two roofing materials in a waterproof manner. This way any rain will run over the layers to drain away from your roof and your home.

Get a Roofing Estimate

Both of these roofing materials are going to be effective at dealing with Florida storms and heat. A high-quality roofing system is necessary for our climate. Your local roofer, Triangle Roofing, understands that each homeowner's roof is unique. Although most houses have pitched roofs, there are many that have this flat roof combination in Daytona Beach and surrounding Volusia County.

Joe at Triangle Roofing will come out and assess the type of roof you have so that you can install the best roofing for your home. It is hard to assess roof damage from the ground: you need a roofing expert to walk on your roof and use a trained eye to spot any problem areas. The estimate is free and there is no obligation to get a roof replacement.

A new roof is a significant investment and you need it done right! Give Joe at Triangle Roofing a call today at 386-673-6600 or send an email to:

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