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How to Deal with Discolored Roof Shingles Like a Pro

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Does Your Shingled Roof Have Streaks?

Roof stains in Edgewater FL
Edgewater roof stains

Drive through any Port Orange, Edgewater, or other Florida coastal neighborhood and you will surely see dark stains and black streaks on many houses' roof shingles. You may think it is dirt and the roof needs to be cleaned, but it could be mold or algae. In the Florida humidity, black marks on older roofs are a common sight. It is unsightly and can affect the resale value of your home. The condition of a roof is a big deal in Florida real estate and may affect insurance coverage. Are black roof streaks harmful and how do you get rid of them?

Believe it or not these streaks are caused it is by algae that are already dead. Algae love humidity and can grow on any roof on your property that may be in the shade. If you have a large tree overhanging your roof, you know that this is a potential damp area with dead leaves and debris. Even sunny roofs can get black streaks but algae multiply faster without the sun to burn them off.

Over time, algae and its stains can affect the granules on your roofing shingles. Some roofing shingles may actually break off! Long-term asphalt shingle damage can impact your roof's ability to keep your home cool. In Florida, this is not a problem homeowners want to have! The good news is that roofing materials are now made to resist algae growth. So if it is time for a roof replacement you can rest assured Triangle Roofing will help you pick the right roof shingles (or other roofing materials if you prefer).

Can we wash off roof stains?

We don't recommend washing your roof in any manner before getting a professional roof inspection. If your asphalt shingles have a warranty and you have them cleaned, this could void your roof warranty. Shingle granules can be stripped from your roof and bleaching shingles can further damage them. Algae are tough and even pressure washing may not work on these stubborn roof stains.

Aside from that, it can be dangerous to get up on the roof. This is not to say that professional roof cleaning is a bad idea. The keyword here is "professional". We simply suggest a free roof inspection first. It could be a simple drainage problem or you need a shingle roof repair.

If, after your free roof inspection, you decide to get a new roof installed, there are roofing products on the market that can help prevent roof streaks. StreakFighter® shingles from CertainTeed are one example of shingles that protect against algae stains and they come with a warranty. These shingles come with a percentage of copper granules in them which is effective at stopping algae growth.

If you hire a local roofing contractor, like Triangle Roofing, to install your new roof shingles then you know they will be installed right. We guarantee our workmanship. Contact us today. Located in Ormond Beach, we serve Port Orange and surrounding counties we provide free roofing quotes.

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