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Does Your Flat Roof in Florida Need Expert Repair?

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Ormond Beach flat roof
Ormond Beach Flat Roof

A flat roof is different from other roofing materials and requires special care. Paying attention to problems before they become too big to handle is key to ensuring your Florida flat roof lasts a long time.

After a storm or hurricane, like the ones experienced in 2022 in Flagler Beach and Daytona Beach Shores, there may be signs of flat roof damage:

  • flapping roof materials in the wind

  • no seals at flashings

  • ponding water on the roof

  • gable end problems

  • bare spots on the flat roof

Choose a Flat Roofing Expert

Working with a flat roofing expert like Triangle Roofing Ormond Beach can help you solve problems fast. If your flat roof has suffered hurricane damage, you will need to act quickly. You will need to deal with storm damage to stop any water penetration from getting worse. A roof leak can travel down the length of your flat roof, so finding the source of water is key. Getting an inspection will determine if the underlayment or any HVAC is affected.

During a severe storm, water may not drain away from your flat roof fast enough. A flat roof has a small slope of about 5 degrees. If your roof does not clear all of the rain it collects quickly (24-48 hours), it may indicate a drainage problem. A drainage problem can lead to damage to the roof membranes and cause a leak.

Flat Roofing Drainage

Does your flat roof have an adequate drainage system? You may be able to add additional drains to help move ponding water off the roof. You also want to prevent debris from getting into the drains and causing a clog. After the weather event, safely remove any storm debris from the roof to help any water drain.

Do you see any water ponding on the roof? If water is collecting in spots on the roof it can cause a breakdown of flat roofing materials. Flat roofs are at risk of ponding water after a storm if drains and gutters are filled with leaves, twigs, and the pine needles so common in Florida. It's important to get to the bottom of the ponding problem. The top layer may have to remove the top layer. That way your roofer can also fix any underlying issues.

Flat Roofing Inspection

The best course of action is to have a flat roof inspection after a severe storm or if you suspect any problems. Contact Joe at Triangle Roofing to have a look at it and provide a free estimate if any roof repairs are needed.

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