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Get a Durable Flat Roof for Your Ormond Beach Florida Home

With so many options for your new roof, it may be confusing when choosing the right roofing materials. In Florida, being near the coast brings homeowners even more challenges. From salty air to humid conditions, roofing in Florida has to be done right. If your home or business requires flat roofing, you may need some questions answered. Here are a few common concerns:

Is a flat roof durable near the coast?

It is possible to install a flat roof near the ocean, but the coastal environment is harsh on homes. The salt and humidity of the Florida coast can cause corrosion and damage to the roofing materials and hardware. Florida's residents know all about coastal winds and storms which can put extra stress on your roof. Using materials that are resistant to corrosion and UV damage, such as TPO or PVC, is the answer. An experienced roofer will also take care to properly seal all penetrations and joints to prevent leaks. If installed properly, the flat roofing system can withstand the high winds of a coastal environment. Always get the opinion of a professional roofing contractor experienced in coastal installations to ensure that this is an option for your roofing project.

Will rainwater collect on a flat roof?

Rainwater can collect on a flat roof if it is not properly installed by a professional roofer. Not all roofing companies understand how to install a flat roof as effectively as shingles. Triangle Roofing is an expert at flat roofs and ensures the following during installation:

Proper Drainage: The flat roof should be designed with adequate drainage to ensure that water is directed to the gutters or drains.

Proper Slope: The flat roof should have a slight slope, also known as a "fall," to direct water to the drainage system.

Roofing Materials: Florida gets a lot of heavy rain during the summer. The flat roof should be installed with materials that are resistant to water damage and can withstand the weight of standing water should it occur.

Flat Roof Maintenance: Regular inspections of the flat roof can prevent water from collecting on the roof and causing damage.

How does ocean salt affect roofing materials?

Living on the coast can have a significant impact on your roofing materials. Salt is highly corrosive and can cause discoloration and fading of roofing materials. A flat roof can experience the breakdown of materials over time. Staining can also occur.

Triangle Roofing will help you select flat roof materials that are specifically designed for coastal environments, such as TPO or PVC. These are more resistant to salt damage than other types of roofing materials. As a flat roof specialist, Triangle Roofing is experienced in coastal installations to ensure that the roof is properly designed and installed.

Is metal roofing better near the ocean?

Metal roofing can be a good option for coastal homes. It is relatively resistant to corrosion and can withstand high winds. It may not be right for a low-slope roof. choose the right type of metal for the coastal environment. Aluminum and stainless steel are more resistant to salt corrosion. Your local roofing contractor can advise you based on your needs and budget. Some coatings and sealants can be applied to metal roofs to provide additional protection against sea salt corrosion.

Any roofing material you choose must be properly installed with adequate ventilation to prevent condensation. It is important to use materials that are resistant to salt and moisture and to ensure that the roof is properly sealed to prevent water from seeping in. Don't work with a roofer that doesn't guarantee his work. Contact Joe today to get your free roofing estimate in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, and surrounding areas.

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