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Repairing a Roof with Existing Solar Panels in Florida

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

If your roof needs repair or replacement and you have solar panels, you may have questions. Is it a big deal to have them removed and re-installed after a new roof? Can a roofing contractor do this?

Solar panels are most often installed using a simple, rail mounting system. When replacing a roof, they can be removed quite quickly and need not cause a delay in your roofing project. It may be possible for your roofing contractor can remove the rail system, replace your roof shingles, and re-connect them again if he is willing. As long as they are stored safely, re-installation should be no problem. However, not all roofing companies may want to do this. There is more to consider and each homeowner's situation is different.

One factor to take into consideration is the age of your solar panel system. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a residential solar system is designed to stay on a home for 20 years. Technology can move faster, however, so parts and panels may need to be updated. The age of your roof may not match the age of your solar panels. If you are getting a completely new roof, you might want to consider upgrading your solar panels too. The ideal situation is to do the whole thing together if you can. However, remember that while most solar panel companies will take a look at your roof, it is best to get a professional roof inspection before committing.

There will be extra fees for your local roofer or solar company to remove and re-install the solar panel system. Like any roofing project, it's wise to contact a number of qualified roofing companies for a quote. You have many options if you live in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, or Port Orange. Don't choose the lowest-priced roofing contractor by default. Ensure the roofing company has the experience you need for this job.

The costs you save on electricity should more than compensate for the added removal fees. If you are leasing the panels then check with the solar company first before moving ahead with any roofing project. There may be waiting times involved if the solar panel company has to do the removal and re-installation of the panels.

If the solar panel company does install them on your brand new roof, then a roofing inspection SHOULD take place. Sometimes the solar company can damage your new shingles during the re-installation of the panels! The roofer and solar company need to work together. Nobody wants any roofing problems because of their solar panels, such as drilled holes. The goal is to prevent roof leaks.

Here's the bottom line: if you are planning on having solar panels installed on your roof and don't know the condition of your roof, have a professional roofing contractor inspect it before the solar panels go on. Dealing with a roofing company with a good track record in your area will save you headaches. Do your research. For a free quote call Joe at Triangle Roofing Ormond Beach for an inspection and advice.

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