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Roof Replacement Cleanup: The Triangle Roofing Process

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Cleaning up after a roof replacement is just as important as installing the roof. After the new roof is on, your local roofing company should take steps to ensure your home and yard is clean. Inspecting the homeowner's yard and landscaping for any missed debris is critical. Your property should be left in the condition it was before the roofing project began.

Triangle Roofing Ormond Beach takes care of your home from start to finish. It doesn't matter if you are installing a shingle roof, flat roof, or metal roofing panels. We work hard to protect your property. Re-roofing is a messy process. Here are the steps Triangle Roofing takes to make sure your everything stays clean and undamaged:

Walk the property

We ask that you put away any fragile yard items before we begin your new roof installation. Our team will walk around your home and double-check for anything that could be damaged during the roofing process. Some of the items to put away include plants in pots, patio furniture, and statues.

Tarps for protection

Many homeowners have spent time and money on their landscaping. It can be worrisome to imagine pieces of roofing falling on your garden! We use tarps to cover your landscaping and yard so no debris will reach your garden or nearby lawn. Your pool must also be fully covered. Please let us know if you have any special situations such as an outdoor bbq with a gas line.

Roofing dumpster

We place a dump trailer right next to the house (not on the lawn) and take care not to damage your driveway. We will place all the old shingles in this dumpster. Our goal is to keep them out of your yard, therefore, reducing debris and speeding up the roofing cleanup process. We will ensure the dumpster is on a hard surface and not on your grass.

Cleanup after Roofing

After your roof is complete our roofing crew performs a clean-up of your property. All debris and leftover roofing materials will be removed. We blow off any dirt that we have gotten on your patios or walkways. With magnetic sweepers, we go over your yard and gardens to pick up any lost nails.

Steps you can take

Triangle Roofing will protect the outside of your home and roof throughout the roof installation. Roofing is a noisy job with workers walking on top of your house. It can cause vibrations. If you wish, you can take pictures off the wall and put away (or place on the floor) any breakable items until the roofing project is completed.

After your roof is complete

Once we have done the final inspection of your new roof, you can rest easy that your home is protected and the work is guaranteed. If you do have any questions or concerns, Triangle Roofing is always ready to help. If you need a free roofing quote in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, Flagler, or St. Augustine contact Joe: (386) 673-6600

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