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Dealing with Trees and Debris on Your Roof

In Florida, we have many trees; people often plant them close to their homes. But, hearing trees fall on your roof during a storm or seeing debris scattered on it can be scary. Knowing when to call a roofer and what they can do to fix it can ease your worries. Acting fast and using a professional roofing company is crucial when dealing with trees leaning on or falling on your roof.

The sudden noise when trees fall onto roofs can be very distressing. Wait until the storm is over to find the damage! Once the storm has passed, it is time to see if any structural harm has occurred. It may be hard to see any damage to your asphalt shingles or metal roofing such as cracks, dents, or dislodgment. Issues with gutters and flashing may be easier to spot since they may be hanging off the roof deck. Any damage, no matter how small, can lead to water leaks, and the potential for water pooling due to blocked drainage systems. This is particularly serious for homes with flat roofing (low-slope roofing). Triangle Roofing, Inc., is your local flat roof specialist.

Don't just look outside your house. Interior signs such as water stains or leaks on ceilings or walls mean trouble. Sagging in your ceiling could mean a dangerous situation. Immediate action is essential after trees or debris cause damage. Mold and roof deck damage need to be prevented. Triangle Roofing, Inc. can respond quickly to assess your roof issues for damage. It's not a good idea to attempt to repair your roof yourself! This not only voids any roofing warranty you have, but it can be dangerous and may worsen the situation.

How Your Roofer Can Help

Upon arrival, Triangle Roofing, Inc. will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the damage. Emergency repairs, if necessary, will help secure your roof to prevent further damage and water intrusion. Temporary patches, shingle replacements, or debris removal may be necessary. Safety is our priority!

It is always a good idea to prepare your property before the Florida rainy season. Trim overhanging branches, clean out, and repair or replace gutters as needed. Triangle Roofing, Inc. can assist with documenting the damage for insurance claims. Our local roofing company is serving our community in Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet, Edgewater, DeLand, and the surrounding areas. Call Joe today at 386-673-6600!

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