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The Reasons Behind Your Lifting Roof Shingles in Florida

Shingles on your roof are often exposed to extreme weather in Florida. High winds, strong sun, hail, and even excessive moisture with driving rain. Lifting shingles are not normal and need to be taken care of quickly. Roof leaks can occur causing roof damage to the underlying structure...which means dollars out of your pocket!

With a brand-new roof installation, it won't take much time for your asphalt shingles to lay completely flat. They will flatten quickly in the warm Florida weather. This is normal and different from curling shingles. Flat shingles are sealed shingles. If your new roof does not flatten quickly, it may have some installation issues. If you notice your shingles start lifting after being given time to settle (warmer weather), then there could be problems that need to be addressed immediately. Call your roofing company to come back and have a look.

Here are some issues that could cause your roof shingles to curl or lift:

Roofing Shingles Lifting Due to Wind

Strong winds are a common cause of lifting shingles, especially on the Florida coast. You may notice the problem occurring even at lower wind speeds. Wind damage can happen on the "windy side" of your house so keep an eye on it. Higher winds blowing over your roof may lift shingles upward, creating suction that can loosen nails or break the seal between shingles. Hurricanes or severe storms over some time can do this.

One solution is to install architectural shingles, instead of 3-tab shingles. They are rated to withstand higher winds. The installation quality is obviously also a factor. Ensure your new roof shingles are installed right by a professional roofing contractor.

Improper Roof Installation

Shingles can be damaged during installation by improper nailing. They should be stored or covered before installation to ensure they are flat. Any torn, misshaped, or bent roof shingles should not be installed on the roof. A reputable and experienced roofer is critical.

If enough nails weren't used or the nails were not spaced out properly on the roof, the shingles might not stay on securely. Adhesive and sealants must be appropriately selected and applied. Again an experienced roofing company, like Triangle Roofing, you can trust is your best choice.

How to Fix Lifted Shingles

Some shingles can be sealed while others may need replacing. Unfortunately, as shingles age in the Florida sun, the color starts to fade or get stained. Usually, roofing contractors will leave you with a few shingles from a new roof that you can save for situations like this. If you don't have any extras, you may be able to buy a matching color. If not, a patched roof is better than a leaking roof.

Get a Roof Inspection

After severe weather events consider having your roof inspected by the best roofing company you can find. Coastal areas such as New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, Daytona Beach, and Flagler Beach experience severe weather more often. A roof inspection may help reveal any damage to vents (from hail) or pipe flashings. Flashing can lift from high wind and rain too. From the ground, you can probably spot missing shingles or ones that have lifted. Do NOT get up on the roof yourself! Walking on shingles can also damage them, as well as being dangerous. Contact a professional roofer to do the assessment. Check your insurance coverage to make sure any steps you take do not void your policy.

Triangle Roofing will help you solve any roofing problems you may encounter. Thirty years of roofing experience including Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, and Flagler Beach. Contact Joe at Triangle Roofing today at: (386) 673-6600.

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