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DeLeon Springs New Roof Transformation

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In June 2023, we had the opportunity to work on this old roof in poor condition after hurricanes. Read more below to find out about the transformation!

Flat roof broken Florida

Many of the old roof shingles were damaged, cracked, or missing. This building has a flat roof in addition to shingles. It was almost non-existent.

Old roof repaired by Triangle Roofing Inc.

The discoloration and deterioration can plainly be seen in the entire roofing system. Black streaks with cracked and crumbling materials. There were some roof leaks.

Roof rafters repaired by Triangle Roofing Inc. Florida

We had to replace the roof rafters to strengthen the integrity of the roof. The rafters frame out the roof and connect to the exterior walls. This system is also called stick framing. With these new rafters, the home will be ready to bear the load of a new roof.

New plywood by Triangle Roofing Inc. Florida

There was a lot of damaged wood on this roof. We had to replace a lot of the roof decking to create a foundation for the new roof. This roof will now have an extra leak barrier and surface for nailing.

New roof in Florida by Joe of Triangle Roofing Inc.

From the ground, you can see how much progress has been made with the new roof for this home. It now has a solid foundation for the new roofing materials. This roof will be made to last!

Underlayment roofing Triangle Roofing Inc. FL

This Carlisle WIP® self-adhering roofing underlayment system is designed to provide premium waterproofing protection for this Florida home. It is great for the wind-driven rains DeLeon Springs and DeLand experience. It resists cracking and drying too. The roof is ready for new shingles!

Flat roof TPO by Triangle Roofing Inc. Florida

For the flat or low-slope area of this roof, this underlayment provides the homeowner with the strongest, most cost-effective roof available. This membrane helps to control stormwater runoff and reduces the heat island effect.

Finished flat and shingle roof Florida Triangle Roofing

This DeLeon Springs roofing project is complete! Shingle roofing with flat roofing can work beautifully together when installed correctly. The shingle color is Resawn Shake. Landmark® shingles by CertainTeed are a high-quality, reliable choice for beautifying and protecting a home. They have a dual-layered design that emulates the dimensionality of true wood shake. They are backed by a warranty and have an impact rating of 110/mph.

Call Joe at Triangle Roofing Inc. for your roofing project. We provide free quotes with competitive pricing. We are roofing experts in flat roof installation: other roofing companies call us! Shingle roofing, metal roofing, or flat roofing - we get the job done right. Call us at 386-673-6600. Email

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