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New Shingle Roof Day: What To Expect from Triangle Roofing

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Ormond Beach roof shingles

Installation day is an exciting day for many Florida homeowners. After carefully checking the reputation of your local roofing contractor, you've chosen your new roofing materials and the color of your roof. You're tired of looking at the old, worn roof and ready for this fresh, new look with extra protection. It's time to get started with Triangle permitting!

The main steps of the replacement roofing process are:

  • Preparation

  • Old Roof Tear-Off

  • Inspection and Installation

  • Clean Up and Final Inspection


Let's take a look at this Ormond Beach roof before the installation of the new shingles by Triangle Roofing. It's clearly worn with many shingles disintegrated.

It is important to remove your vehicle from the property. Although you can stay in the home during a re-roofing, it will be very noisy and nails may fall onto the ground. Going in and out of the house, especially with pets or children, may not be a good idea. At the end of your project, we will use a magnet to ensure any nails are cleaned up.

The dumpster will arrive at your home so that we can keep your property clean during the roof replacement. We may cover your plants to keep them safe from falling debris. Be aware that the work crew will be parking near your home and they will be there all day. The truck carrying your shingles may arrive at any time for delivery.

Old Roof Tear Off

Tear-off of shingles and replacement of any rotted wood decking will begin. Once the underlayment is installed, the wood decking is properly dried in. What does "dried in" mean? A roof dry-in means installing a roofing underlayment on top of the wood. This ensures your roof is sealed and protected from harsh Florida elements. Next, a drip edge is installed according to local codes. Metal flashings and pipe flashing will be installed. Plumbing ventilation and chimneys will be properly protected.

Inspection and Installation

On day two, we will wait for the city inspector to arrive. This may cause a delay. Once he arrives, the building inspector will then give us the go-ahead to install your new roof shingles. This is when you will finally get to see how your new roof is shaping up!

Clean Up and Final Inspection

Triangle Roofing will make sure all extra shingles, tools, and scrap garbage are removed from the rooftop and your property. This includes your gutters. We will remove any tarps used to protect your landscaping. With our magnet, we will sweep your property for roofing nails. Any roofing tar marks will be removed. The dumpster will be taken away. A final inspection of the new roof will take place but it may be several days before this happens. Keep your permit displayed for the building inspector to see.

Finished Roof

No matter what color shingles you choose, you will be pleased with the improvement. For this Ormond Beach home, CertainTeed Landmark AR Cobblestone Gray Laminate Asphalt Roofing Shingles provide the dimensional appearance of natural slate.

  • 2-piece laminated fiberglass-based construction for durability

  • Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications

  • 15-year 110-MPH wind-resistance warranty

  • Wind warranty upgrade available to 130-MPH; CertainTeed starter and CertainTeed hip and ridge required

  • 15-year algae-resistance warranty

  • UL certified to meet ASTM D3462

After your roofing job is complete you will receive a warranty from Triangle Roofing, a manufacturer's warranty for your asphalt shingles, and your receipt. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with our service and your new roof. Call your best local roofer Joe today for your free roofing estimate at 386-673-6600.

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